HTV Celebrates 25th Anniversary

“HTV Magazine” debuted on Oct. 12, 1989, and little did anyone at the time realize that 25 years later Hillcrest High School would be home to one of the nation’s top media programs for high school journalists.

The honors the program have piled up is extensive. Seven Robert Kennedy High School Journalism Awards, 12 NSPA Pacemaker Awards and a regional Emmy Award are just a few of the numerous honors “HTV Magazine” has earned during its first quarter of a century.

HTV is celebrating its 25th anniversary during the 2014-15 school year, and we’re kicking off the celebration in a big way.

Alumni have come together to create the HTV Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising donations to support scholarships and the HTV program. HTV has been presenting a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving senior since 2004, and the foundation will make it easier than ever for alumni and boosters to continuing supporting the program.

The foundation will also help ensure the legacy of HTV and ensure future generations of Hillcrest students can benefit from the lifelong lessons learned and experience gained through the media program.

To kick off the fundraising program, we’re starting the “25 for 25″ campaign. We’re asking our alumni and boosters to support the HTV Foundation with a donation of just $25. You can make a onetime donation, or signup to make a $25 donation every three months or every year.

HTV Alumni is also launching this website as well as a new Facebook page to make it easier for alumni to connect with each other, enjoy memories of the past and share in the latest news from the program. Please make sure you Like the Facebook page today!

In February, the Buzzathon will celebrate its 25th anniversary, and alumni will be invited to be part of the program. Each class will have an opportunity to be a part of the broadcast.

We will also be celebrating the legacy of “HTV Magazine,” and cannot think of a better way than re-watching some of the classic clips and moments from 25 years. First up is the online debut of the very first “HTV Magazine” in its entirety.

We encourage you to take part in the fun as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of HTV. Thank you to our alumni, our friends, our family and our boosters for making it a great 25 years!

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