The mission of the HTV Foundation is to create a lifelong worldwide community of Hillcrest alumni dedicated to preserving and growing HTV Magazine and providing leadership for its future through active member engagement, fundraising, and community outreach.

Since 1989, students at Hillcrest High School in Springfield, Mo., have had the opportunity to enroll in the broadcast media program. Over the years, our graduates and alumni have used the skills and abilities they have developed toward building careers in fields ranging from journalism and art to business and education.

The HTV Foundation is dedicated to preserving and growing this legacy, ensuring future generations of Hillcrest students will be able to benefit from the lifelong lessons hundreds of students have learned thanks to their involvement with the broadcast media program.

Initiatives supported by the HTF Foundation include:

  • Scholarships presented to outstanding seniors allowing them to continue their post-secondary education
  • Financial support for student trips including the summer bus tours, which allow students to expand their storytelling and broadcast understanding
  • Resources and equipment ensuring students have the technical materials required to produced quality broadcast and prepare them for future learning and professional opportunities
  • Training for educators through the Academy of Scholastic Broadcasting ensuring all broadcast instructors at Hillcrest and other schools have the training and knowledge they need to serve students.

Your support of the HTV Foundation ensures the students at Hillcrest will continue to have the opportunity to participate in one of the nation’s leading student media programs in the nation.